What Sets Us Apart

Establishing Lifetimes of Healthy Smiles, One Child at a Time!

Dayspring Pediatric Dentistry provides high-quality children’s dental care in a welcoming, safe, and supportive atmosphere.

With a focus on prevention and child and parent education, Dr. Lisa, Dr. Maureen, Dr. Jason, and our team establish lifetimes of beautifully healthy and happy smiles, one child at a time!

What’s Different at Dayspring Pediatric Dentistry?

Our practice is a family-oriented and kid-friendly practice, providing a dental home for infants, children, teens, and youth with special needs.

We care for each child as family: kindly and patiently, with respect for the little one’s unique emotional, physical, and developmental concerns. Our warmth and compassion eases anxiety as we help the child feel safe in a new environment.

Each visit and procedure are designed to be efficient, effective, and comfortable, earning the child’s trust and, we hope, their smiles!

Our Doctors

Dr. Lisa, Dr. Maureen and Dr. Jason are highly educated, experienced pediatric dentists. Their post-doctorate specialty training allows them to provide specialized dental services that address the needs of a growing mouth and growing person.

Our doctors are also mothers and know how to connect with children in a warm and caring manner. Their gentle kindness and attention to detail ensure each child knows they are safe, heard, and treasured!

Positive Dental Visits

Early experiences can make a lasting impression, often affecting one well into adulthood. When a child has positive dental experiences, they are comfortable in the dental environment and confident taking care of their oral health.

With painless procedures, and visits filled with lots of praise and support, we make sure children develop positive associations with dental care. Our patients grow up and “graduate” to general dental offices with healthy smiles, good oral hygiene habits, and comfort in maintaining their dental wellness!

Schedule an Appointment

Dr. Lisa, Dr. Maureen, Dr. Jason and the Dayspring Pediatric Dentistry team look forward to welcoming your little ones, and you, to our dental family. Please contact our St. Charles, IL children’s dental office, serving Geneva, Batavia, and nearby communities, to learn more and schedule an appointment, today!